About Us

From Beverly Stannard the founder of Secretly Youthful™

My name is Beverly Stannard and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience of 40 years in the beauty industry as a permanent makeup artist, aesthetician, cosmetologist and instructor of permanent makeup and aesthetics.

After years of injectables for wrinkles, different products for the face and body I have researched the best anti-aging products on the market and have found products that have Instant Face Lift Results and permanent results for wrinkles, sagging skin, large pores, puffy under eye bags, dark circles and just about any problem areas of your face and body that needs treatment for a youthful appearance. Finding a laboratory with experienced chemists located in the USA I contacted them to formulate The Secret Collection™ of Anti-Aging Products.

With much success we have welcomed our 3 first products with more products being formulated and tested to be added for your face and body in the future.

The Secret Collection™ is a collection of anti-aging products that are safe and natural.

The Secret Collection™ consists of Secretly Amazing Instant Lift™ for instant results. It's a Facelift in a syringe without the needles or surgery.

All Day Secrets™ Moisture Lift is a moisturizer lifting product for the face which is infused with hyaluronic acid and resveratrol along with 5 peptides to lift the face while retaining moisture along with anti-oxidants to prevent free radicals from creating aging skin. This amazing product works in conjunction with Secretly Amazing™ Instant Lift for all day benefits.

Secrets After Dark™ Overnight Stem Cell Mask infuses the face with amazing stem cells (Triple Grams Stem Cells) to rejuvenate the skin while sleeping. A breathable mask that can be worn overnight or for a 20 minute period. With lasting and miraculous results.

Secretly Youthful™ was created in 2015 to help with all your concerns regarding aging skin. I want to share this with ladies and men who always want to look their best, without the expense of injections or surgery.

Secretly Youthful's products are created in a full research and development laboratory: FDA approved manufacturing facility which adheres to cGMP procedures.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding The Secret Collection™.